Friday, September 20, 2013

Oracle Openworld Sep 22-26, 2013 is (almost here)

Oracle Openworld Sep 22-26, 2013 is almost here!  This is an event I have been attending since 2003 and have been lucky enough to be a speaker in an average of 1+ session every year. While the event has grown in size, mainly due to Oracle acquisitions, it has remained by far the largest professional event I have ever attended. My guess for this year is close to a total of 50,000 attendees spread between the Openworld, JavaOne, MySQL Connect, Customer Experience and HCM events..

The line of keynotes for Oracle Openworld 2013 is quite interesting, with Larry Ellison speaking on Sunday and Tuesday, historically his Wed afternoon keynote used to be the biggest one where in past he has announced Exadata and other big products. In recent years though, I noticed, he started announcing the new major products on Sunday evening and this allowed the attendees to learn about it during the event and not wait for Oracle to publicly unveil the products only on Wed afternoon.

My favorite keynote for this year will be Thursday when the topic is Unlocking Innovation and the Value of Embedded Intelligence on Devices. This is a new area for Oracle, per my observation, as in past the Big Data scenarios often talked about by Oracle were social data related. The main difference is social data is generated by human interactions. Whereas, now the focus is on machine generated data (M2M) or the sensor data. This is an area of focus by companies in recent times and there are a few different buzz words attached to it for e.g. Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything  (Cisco uses this often), Smarter Planet initiative by IBM and Industrial Internet by General Electric (GE). In this area of Big Data analytics, you talk about how machine generated or sensor data can be tapped to add value to increase efficiency of devices and infrastructure such as Telco metworks, engery systems and grids ... the key is to connect the devices on the network ( aka Industrial Internet) and be ready to not only "ingest" these machine logs but also apply analytics to understand these more. As a result, you can drive efficiency into the system. Some of the areas in use today like smart metering or smart grids by utilities companies are a shift in those directions.

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