Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kaleidoscope (ODTUG) 2010 Kickoff!

The venue is DC this year...for the 2010 Kaleidoscope - the annual ODTUG event. Check out the detailed agenda here.

I picked up registration on Saturday which was right after the US- Ghana soccer game... and guess what the speaker gift this year is a soccer jersey that says on the back "ODTUG 10"

Sunday is always the day of the Symposium and I have attended the last two years the EPM session so that is where I will be most of Sunday. Looking forward to Robert Gersten's session that is the second one...

Well it so happens that Robert Gersten could not make it, so Al Marciante did that part as well. Incidentally, organizers requested no blogging of the content from today as that can put PM's in a spot if some of the shown features are not actually released, so I am going to honor that and will only write about not feature related items, unless the feature is already out.

The soccer fever has really caught on the the Brits are in the pub watching the UK game, folks like Debra Liley, Mark Rittman far the first two days (Sat and Sun) have lead to exit of US and UK from the world cup...

I detoured from the EPM Symposium to attend Cahrlie Berger's talk on Oracle Data Mining on Exadata Platform....good to learn about ability to convert SAS models to ODM models now...

The afternoon session includes Hyperion Planning Applications, Essbase and OBIEE by Mike Duran from UK, who I met during the lunch...right now Shankar Vishanathan, one of the Product Managers for Planning is presenting the talk. He mentioned that HAL support ends in June 2010. FDM, ODI and flat file centric will take this place for moving data.

The next talk is by Aneel Shankar for Essbase.