Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Announcement:World's First OLTP Database Machine with Sun FlashFire Technology

I am getting ready to listen to LARRY Ellison's talk on OLTP version of Exadata using SUN hardware. I see that this may be useful for mixed workload boxes. Larry had said last year while announcing Exadata in Sep '08, that 70% of the workload of OLTP's are for querying of data.

Oracle is claiming "The result is a quantum leap in performance over Oracle's previous generation Exadata machine, including a 20x increase in random I/O and a 5x I/O bandwidth speedup with FlashFire Technology, as well as a 2x speedup in compute and network performance capacity." Let us see how Larry is going to explain this.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Follow up to: OBIEE Analytics/Reporting Solutions for E-Business Suite

I had posted about my BIWA SIG Techcast here.

I would like this to follow up the event, if you had a question that you wanted to follow up, please use the comments here. I will try to answer those.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oracle 11g R2 - What is new?

Today Oracle 11g R2 was released. It is interesting to note that Linux version is the first to be out as usual, even though Oracle is on verge of owning Solaris OS. Sun and Windows version are expected later this year. The timing is good, it's about 1 1/2 months to Oracle Openworld. I am sure the 11g R2 related session will be a good draw.

So what's new in this release:

1) Enhancements to Real Application Cluster, Oracle RAC One Node option is now available for relatively less critical systems. The ASM get's a face lift with intelligent data placement leading to better retrieval rate for data.

2) Advanced data partitioning to allow more online application upgrades.

3) One of the Exadata related feature is called “Warehouse” Compression and is based upon Exadata Hybrid Columnar Compression. This technique delivers a typical compression ratio of up to 10:1 for data warehouses, with virtually no negative impact on query performance, per Oracle. The "archive" compression can get 40:1 compression factor.

The 11gR2 documentation is here.