Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oracle BIWA and Spatial Summit Jan 27-29 2015 at Oracle HQ in Redwood City, CA

The Annual BIWA Summit will take place Jan 27-29, 2015 at Oracle HQ in Redwood City, CA.

The best way to attend an event for free, is to become a speaker, The call for speakers for the event is open here:   This year IOUG's Spatial SIG and BIWA SIG are joining hands along with NoCOUG, to bring this event together.This implies coverage from Advance Analytics, Big Data, BI, Spatial and Graph, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Warehousing and much more!  See the content from the previous years here.

We will soon post the early acceptance list of the Featured talks and the other sessions from the Industry experts.

Getting Ready for Oracle Openworld 2014 (Sep 28 - Oct 2)

We are two weeks away from Oracle Openworld 2014! One of my favorites are the high profile Keynotes, you can see the lineup here. I noticed that while Larry Ellison used to speak only on Wed afternoon, a few years ago, now he is a regular on Sunday evening and then on Tue this year. The Sunday evening allows a preview of the new announcement at the OOW and those do not have to wait till Wed. There is no title or theme for the Sunday evening keynote by Larry, I guess that leaves room for any new announcements! However, the Intel speaker Renee James will speak on the hot theme today "soft-define anything!"

Unlike last year, when the Thursday keynote by Edward Screven, was about Internet of Things (IoT), there is no talk with specific IoT focus this year. However, both OOW and JavaOne had IoT as a major Track and is full of rich content. I will speaking on a related topic of Industrial Internet / IoT on Sunday under IOUG's user group sessions. On Monday, I will be at an Aerospace and Defense Industry session talk and talk about GE's Industrial Internet efforts for Aviation sector. On Tue, I will help to host a BoF session on use of Java in the Industrial Internet / IoT space. This one is under JavaOne IoT track.

In last few years, most the Wed afternoon talks by Larry was accompanied by the Infosys CEO and seems like this tradition will continue on Tue afternoon.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Earn your BIWA Oracle Data Scientist Certificate at BIWA Summit Jan 14-16, 2014

BIWA Summit 2014 starts tomorrow! While you are there (and yes you can still register for the event), you can earn your BIWA Oracle Data Scientist Certificate. In order to do this, you will have to attend the 4 recommended sessions. The suggested sessions to attend are (any 4):

Tue Jan 14

How UK Universities Are Using Oracle Data Science to Protect Their Income
Brendan Tierney, Oralytics Room 202

Introduction to Oracle's R Technologies
Mark Hornick, Oracle Room 202

Hadoop and Oracle DW. What should You Use and When?
Brian Macdonald, Oracle Room 202

Best Practices for In-Database Analytics
Charlie Berger, Oracle
  Room 202

Wed Jan 15

In-Database MapReduce for DBAs and 
Developers, using SQL and Hadoop
Kuassi Mensah, Oracle
  Room 102

Supercharge Data Warehousing with an Enterprise Data Hub
Clarke Patterson, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Cloudera

Big Data Analytics for the Industrial Internet of Things
Shyam Nath, GE Room 102 

Using Oracle’s BI Tools for Location-Aware Predictive Analytics
Jean Ihm, Abhinav Agarval, Oracle Room 103

Register here so Test link can be emailed to you when it is ready:
Take the online test here after the event (70% needed to pass), and pick the sessions you attended to fulfill the above requirements:
For any questions contact or

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Countdown to BIWA Summit Jan 14-16, 2014

The annual event - BIWA Summit is almost here.. The event takes place at Oracle HQ Conference Center from Jan 14-16, 2014. If you are not from Bay Area or out-of-state, then probably you would fly to San Francisco (SFO) airport which is close by. The SJC and OAK are the other airports in driving distance.

The highlights of the event this year is a strong lineup of keynote and other speakers, many of which are Oracle ACE or ACE Directors in the  BI and related space. The keynote speakers include:

  • Clarke Patterson from Cloudera
  • Balaji Yelamanchili from Oracle
  • James Taylor from DMS   and
  • Philippe Lions from Oracle.
The BIWA Summit will allow you plenty of networking opportunities, throughout the event as well as during the Reception on Jan 14 and Happy Hour at Jan 15.

More to come...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Oracle Openworld Sep 22-26, 2013 is (almost here)

Oracle Openworld Sep 22-26, 2013 is almost here!  This is an event I have been attending since 2003 and have been lucky enough to be a speaker in an average of 1+ session every year. While the event has grown in size, mainly due to Oracle acquisitions, it has remained by far the largest professional event I have ever attended. My guess for this year is close to a total of 50,000 attendees spread between the Openworld, JavaOne, MySQL Connect, Customer Experience and HCM events..

The line of keynotes for Oracle Openworld 2013 is quite interesting, with Larry Ellison speaking on Sunday and Tuesday, historically his Wed afternoon keynote used to be the biggest one where in past he has announced Exadata and other big products. In recent years though, I noticed, he started announcing the new major products on Sunday evening and this allowed the attendees to learn about it during the event and not wait for Oracle to publicly unveil the products only on Wed afternoon.

My favorite keynote for this year will be Thursday when the topic is Unlocking Innovation and the Value of Embedded Intelligence on Devices. This is a new area for Oracle, per my observation, as in past the Big Data scenarios often talked about by Oracle were social data related. The main difference is social data is generated by human interactions. Whereas, now the focus is on machine generated data (M2M) or the sensor data. This is an area of focus by companies in recent times and there are a few different buzz words attached to it for e.g. Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything  (Cisco uses this often), Smarter Planet initiative by IBM and Industrial Internet by General Electric (GE). In this area of Big Data analytics, you talk about how machine generated or sensor data can be tapped to add value to increase efficiency of devices and infrastructure such as Telco metworks, engery systems and grids ... the key is to connect the devices on the network ( aka Industrial Internet) and be ready to not only "ingest" these machine logs but also apply analytics to understand these more. As a result, you can drive efficiency into the system. Some of the areas in use today like smart metering or smart grids by utilities companies are a shift in those directions.

More to come on OOW13, you can follow me at @ShyamVaran


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Customer Experience (CX) - An Emerging Area of Importance

Is Customer Experience (CX) a new buzz word and simply CRM (Customer Relationship Management) redefined? Customer experience (CX) is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods and/or services, over the life tme of the customer. CX is not just about the fiscal transaction that takes place between the customer and the company, rather the before and after experience as well. It defines whether a customer is not just an "high-volume order placer" rather an advocate for the product / service. For instance. due to my good Customer Experience with say Linkedin, I am not just a high volume user of the system but also a stronger advocate.

Other variations of the definition include "A customer experience is an interaction between an organization and a customer as perceived through a customer’s conscious and subconscious mind. It is a blend of an organization’s rational performance, the senses stimulated and the emotions evoked and intuitively measured against customer expectations across all moments of contact.

My first real exposure to Customer Experience as a focus area for Oracle was in June 2012, in an event organized by Oracle where Mark Hurd, Judy Sims and a few others from Oracle were present. My own "customer experience" in this Manhattan, New York event was superlative. Thereafter, I saw the CX track at Oracle Openworld in I keep my ears and eyes open to the CS space, I learn more about it every day. At Collaborate, there was a small CX event jointly organized by IBM and Oracle. The other day I saw the formal announcement of the CX event at OOW this year.

So what is driving the Oracle's focus in this area?  In nov 2010, Oracle announced that they will acquir ATG...   ATG was touted as a Web commerce solution that powers the world's best brands, and delivers a consistent, personalized cross-channel customer experience.It offers a complete commerce software platform that enables to deliver a personalized customer buying experience across all customer touch points, including the web, contact center, mobile devices, social media, physical stores, and more. This CX event at OOW brings the CMO's of the large organizations under one roof and they discuss how they try to enhance their customers experience. In these sessions, they take a step above the technical details.. before focusing on the business problem and the high level solution.